Targets independent women over the age of 28, whether they are in business or single mothers, to empower them with financial planning and decision making techniques.

Are you an independent woman interested in increasing your financial independence and achieving a secure and sustainable financial future? A single mom working hard to provide your children with a good education? A business owner wishing to plan for retirement? Or maybe you received an inheritance you would like to invest or wish to create additional income for yourself to live the lifestyle you enjoy.

As more women are becoming independent business owners, the main provider for their children, and financial contributors to their household income, it is more important than ever to invest time in improving your financial planning and management skills.

Register for our MONEYSMART Women boot camp and learn to master the essential skills you need to budget, eliminate debt, and stimulate saving and investment. The boot camp will highlight financial challenges that are specific to women, the top financial missteps women tend to take, and financial literacy skills tailored to women.

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MONEYSMART Youth targets adults ages 20-28 who are about to enter the real world and find themselves challenged due to the little knowledge they have about management of their finances and future financial planning.

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MONEYSMART Teens targets teens between the age of 13 and 19 to prepare them for the transition from dependent teenagers to independent young adults, through fun activities to teach them the value of money.

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MONEYSMART Junior targets children between the age of 7 and 14 and teaches them to appreciate the value of money at an early age through animated and fun activities facilitated by professional financial trainers.

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MONEYSMART Family targets couples under the age of 35 to put them on the right financial track by aligning their mindset and working together towards shared financial goals.

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MONEYSMART Women targets independent women over the age of 28 whether they are in business or single mothers, to empower and help them make smart financial decisions.

MONEYSMART Business targets business people and aspiring entrepruenuers who wish to transform their business plans or ideas into profitable businesses.

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Whether you are an educational institute, an NGO, governmental organization, or corporate entity, we work closely with you to customize our scalable MONEYSMART model to serve your needs and empower your target audience with financial literacy skills, knowledge, and mindset.

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Lebanon and Beyond

Eventa is looking for like-minded partners in the Middle Easter region to spread the MONEYSMART culture. Join this movement and be part of the change. Together, we can help our communities build a solid financial foundation. Get in touch!

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Invite a MONEYSMART Champion to Your Community

Our team of Champions, who are trained to deliver MONEYSMART activities to 7-14-years-old, are giving back to their communities by holding sessions with local community organizations such as public libraries, municipalities, schools, and local NGOs.

Connect a champion with your community by hosting them in your organization to spread financial awareness to the future generations.

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At Eventa we always look forward to expanding our team of trainers and facilitators in order to bring an eclectic and exciting experience to our MONEYSMART participants. If interested in joining us on this financial literacy adventure across the Middle East, get in touch!

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