Targets young couples under the age of 35 to guide them onto the right financial track by aligning their mindset and harmoniously working together towards shared financial goals.

Are you a new couple under the age of 35? Either just or about to get married? Maybe planning to open a joint bank account, buy a house, or go on a honeymoon? The many exciting changes coming your way, and their financial requirements, can take place in a smooth manner when you and your partner share a well-aligned money mindset and fully understand each other’s spending habits, challenges, and priorities.

Topics that will be covered during the boot camp include: Money Personalities, Building a Sustainable Financial Relationship, Budget Planning and Expense Tracking, Financial Goal Setting, and Financial Task Division.

Register for MONEYSMART Family to gain the financial planning and management skills that can help you and your partner harmoniously work together towards shared money goals and decisions, in order to avoid money-related stress in your relationship and build an overall healthy future together.


If you have just recently opened a bank account and you don’t know how to start budgeting and saving money, Youth Boot Camps will introduce you to that through different discussion topics


Wants vs. Needs

  • To learn to differentiate between a want and  prioritize accordingly
  • To learn the importance of Budgeting.
  • To learn how to budget, track expenses, and evaluate your spending


Beliefs to actions / Setting and achieving

  • To show that your beliefs are the reason your life is the way it is.
  • To show that all beliefs come from life influences
  • Discover the obstacles and learn how to overcome them
  • To learn to set a clear vision and progress towards it


Types of Income and 3 Pillars of Wealth

  • To understand the two types of income, earned and passive.
  • To differentiate between saving, investing, and speculating
  • To identify assets and liabilities.
  • To learn about the three pillars of wealth


Leveraging and Financial Squares

  • To understand the concept of leveraging and its importance.
  • To introduce the four financial squares demonstrating how people make & earn money.


Banking Relations

  • Get familiar with banking services
  • Get familiar with the types of interest calculation, simple, flat, & reducing
  • To understand the cons and pros of credit and debit cards
  • How to use credit cards responsibly


Managing Risks

  • To understand the ways to manage risks.
  • To determine one’s attitude towards risk.
  • To understand the importance of diversifying your investments.


Turning a Business Idea into Business

  • To learn how to identify a business idea, validate and improve it.
  • To learn about the 4-step process to turn a business idea into a business.


Local Tax

  • Get familiar with the local taxes imposed
  • Understand who is obliged to pay taxes.
  • Familiarize with the procedure of tax payments in your country
  • Discover the benefits of paying taxes and keeping accurate records.

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MONEYSMART Family targets couples under the age of 35 to put them on the right financial track by aligning their mindset and working together towards shared financial goals.

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Whether you are an educational institute, an NGO, governmental organization, or corporate entity, we work closely with you to customize our scalable MONEYSMART model to serve your needs and empower your target audience with financial literacy skills, knowledge, and mindset.

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Our team of Champions, who are trained to deliver MONEYSMART activities to 7-14-years-old, are giving back to their communities by holding sessions with local community organizations such as public libraries, municipalities, schools, and local NGOs.

Connect a champion with your community by hosting them in your organization to spread financial awareness to the future generations.

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