MONEYSMART Business targets businesspeople and aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to transform their business plans or ideas into profitable businesses.

MONEYSMART Business is designed to help current business and aspiring business owners transform their business plans or ideas into viable and profitable businesses through strategic financial planning. It also helps those who are not able to find a job to explore whether they have existing skills or resources which can generate income and if starting their own small business presents a viable alternative to employment.

Do you plan to start your own business, or have you done so already? Or are you having trouble finding a job in your field and interested in creating your own using your skills and existing resources? Are you fully aware of the common financial pitfalls that can cause a business to fail? Do you master the financial planning and management skills that will help you minimize and track your expenses and stay on top of your cash flow?

MONEYSMART Business will explore the entrepreneurial mindset, starting a business in countries of the MENA region, learning to write a business plan, identifying funding opportunities, and turning your idea into a viable business using proven financial strategies and skills. At the end of the boot camp, you will be given an opportunity to pitch your idea and receive feedback from business experts.

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Age group: Between 20 and 28

Adults who are about to enter the real world and find themselves challenged due to the little knowledge they have about managing their finances and future planning.

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Age group: Between 13 and 19

Teens who are about to transition from dependent teenagers to independent adults and need to prepare for it by learning the value of money through fun activities.

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Age group: Between 7 and 14

Children who can learn to appreciate the value of money at an early age through animated and fun activities facilitated by professional financial trainers.

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Age group: Under the age of 35

Couples who want to align their financial mindset and work together towards shared financial goals.

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Age group: Over the age of 28

Independent women, whether businesswomen or single mothers, who want to be empowered and learn to make smart financial decisions.

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Age group: Any age

Business people and (aspiring) entrepreneurs who wish to transform their business plans or ideas into profitable businesses.

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Designed for: Corporate entities, Educational institutions, Governmental organizations and NGOs.

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Suitable for: Children ages 7 – 14 years

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