Financial Literacy
Boot Camps

Empowering communities with the skills, knowledge, and mindset to help them make wise financial decisions.

The program targets various audiences, each according to their financial needs and challenges, offering a tailored learning approach for each audience type and age group.

We hope through MONEYSMART, we would be able to contribute to a positive change in individuals’ financial status and the economy on a larger scale.

Why Financial Literacy?

The MONEYSMART program is conceptualized and managed by EVENTA to promote financial literacy across the Middle East.
EVENTA is a social enterprise with more than 15 years of experience in designing and delivering high-quality projects and impactful programs.


The objective of MONEYSMART is to educate people on financial literacy by helping them to:

Adopt a wealth creation mindset
Identify their resources and understand how to manage them
Understand how to leverage financial and non-financial resources to create wealth


A Multidisciplinary Approach

Each program segment is tailored to the needs of its target audience with interrelated financial topics.

MONEYSMART Boot Camps can be multi-day, full-day, or half-day boot camps. They include a mix of presentations, hands-on activities, group discussions, and games. To ensure an optimal learning experience, they include a combination of plenary and parallel sessions and provide real-life examples presented by selected guest speakers who share their personal success stories.

Our Trainers

Our team of trainers consists of experts in finance, investment, and wealth management, business strategies, and personal development with extensive experience in the Levant region and GCC countries.

Our Knowledge Partners

Together, we bring a diversity of global knowledge to the Arab World.

Our Impact

Results and Learning Outcomes

84% of participants said the training enhanced their knowledge and skills in financial literacy.

86% of participants mentioned they will use the knowledge they gained in their daily life.

95% of participants said they will recommend MONEYSMART to a friend.

96% of participants thought they could identify the limiting beliefs in their life that are obstacles to create wealth.

98% of participants said they got sufficient knowledge in identifying a business idea and the understanding of the process to achieve it.

95% of participants said they gained knowledge in differentiating between different types of bank accounts, characteristics of loans, and credit cards.

93% of participants said they gained more understanding about the advantages of saving and spending.



5000+ participants
20+ experts
25+ boot camps
10+ cities

Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Data was collected and analyzed from our 2017 pilot using tools to map participants’ pathways for change. The change was measured according to the data and information collected from different stakeholders and then monetized values were applied to the proven outcomes to calculate the SROI ratio.

  • SROI Pilot results for 200 participants confirm that a lot of change has been realized:

$1.42 for every $1 spent.

  • Post-pilot estimated SROI for an increased reach to +500 participants:

$2.96 for every $1 spent.

Six Reasons to Choose MONEYSMART

A program designed exclusively for the Arab Region.

Comprehensive and interactive curriculum.

Responsible teaching and sustainable learning.

Value-based, social impact measured results.

Prominent partners and professional team of experts.

Flexible and tailored services without any compromise on quality.